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A waymarker (カナンの道標 Kanan no Michishirube?) is an object that serves as a component in creating a soul bridge leading to the Land of Canaan in Tales of Xillia 2. There are five of them in total. These waymarkers are objects that can no longer be found in the prime dimension and must be found in fractured dimensions. Finding the waymarkers is one of the two main objectives of Spirius Corporation's Department of Dimensional Affairs agents, the other being the elimination of fractured dimensions themselves.


The five waymarkers are "Maxwell's Temporal Blade", which was initially hosted within Muzét but lost following the battle with Milla Maxwell and her companions a year prior to the events of Tales of Xillia 2; "Long Dau's Dust", which was a rare metal and treasure of the Long Dau tribe that was used by Wingul to make his booster but lost along with him during the battle against him in the Temporal Crossroads; "Seafall Phantom's Eye", which was an eye of a monster inhabiting Kijara Seafalls but became extinct several hundreds years prior; "Ark Sentinel's Heart", which is a heart of the sentinel guarding Epsilla Ruins that was destroyed several decades prior; and "Ultimate Chromatus Bearer", which belongs to the strongest wielder of the chromatus. The Ultimate Chromatus Bearer can be found within the prime dimension and is held by Bisley Karcsi Bakur; however, he hides this fact, forcing his agents to look for it in fractured dimensions.


  • In Tales of Berseria, one of the waymarkers, "Long Dau's Dust", is one of the ingredients needed to created the "Omega Elixir". The "Glowing Gear" treasure from the Kresnik Island expedition is also a waymarker.