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Weccea (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Eastern Hemisphere

Weccea (ウェケア U~ekea?) is a continent of Terca Lumireis in Tales of Vesperia. It is a relatively small continent and geographically sits in the southeastern portion of the map.


Weccea is a compilation of rocky, mountain-like chunks of land rising high from the ocean. As such, it is uninhabited and remains the last unexplored land on Terca Lumireis. The Empire was once ruled by Emperor Calx III, who sent scouting parties four times in order to claim the land. However, the scouting parties lost communication each time, and no one returned from these excursions. Its only notable location is Relewiese Hollow, home to the oldest aer krene in existence.

Relewiese Hollow

Relewiese Hollow (レレウィーゼ古仙洞 Rereu~iize ko Sendou?) is located in the middle of the continent, being its only named location. It is difficult to reach on foot due to the rugged, mountainous terrain, and strong storms are prevalent. The paths are narrow and dangerous, leading down steep cliffs inhabited by powerful monsters that have adapted to the environment. It ventures down so far that every spoken word is answered with an echo. Relewiese Hollow is also home to the oldest aer krene in the world, located in a cavern where a river was shaped over centuries and winds howl throughout.

The barren Relewiese Hollow.

Searching for Entelexeia to convert into apatheia, the group ventures here with the help of Ba'ul. Being forced to descend the valley by foot, the group scales the cliffside and meets with Duke Pantarei halfway down, where they explain to him their goals. He disagrees but departs without a struggle, telling the heroes to respect the land here. Once they reach the bottom of the valley, they find the active aer krene and meet Khroma, a Krityan woman who served as Alexei Dinoia's adviser prior. She reveals herself to be an Entelexeia and tests the group in battle before bowing confidently into her death, her apatheia thereafter being converted in the Spirit of Wind, Sylph, who rests after her birth due to exhaustion from the fight.