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Werites Beacon (灯台の街ウェルテス Toudai no Machi Werutesu?, "Lighthouse Street Welles") is the main city in Tales of Legendia, representing the only permanent Orerines settlement aboard the Legacy. The name of the city derives from the combination of the words weltes and beacon. Weltes is a Relares word that refers to a natural spring, whereas beacon derives from the lighthouse north of the city that shines occasionally, resembling a beacon.


There are several shops in the city, including a weapon and armor shop; an item store, along with a customization shop available during the Character Quests; and a bakery, used to make many of the recipes found in the game. The "Dreaming Traveler" inn has a tavern below the actual inn, as well as an arena used for battles, available only during the Character Quests. It also has numerous places of interest, including a graveyard, a hospital, a fountain plaza, a lighthouse, and Madame Musette's mansion. As the largest city on the Legacy, many people come and go through the city's gates. Lumen Spring, a large spring found on a nearby hillside, offers a breathtaking view of the city.


The Beginning[]

Senel Coolidge and Will Raynard first arrive at Werites Beacon after Shirley Fennes is captured by Moses Sandor at Lumen Spring, and the two decide to journey to the Bandits' Lair in order to rescue her. Will tells Senel a little about the city, but the lesson is interrupted when the townspeople request Will's assistance, leaving Senel on his own, with no clue as to where the Bandits' Lair is. Will does, however, manage to tell him to go to the fountain plaza before departing. When Senel arrives at the plaza, a boy wearing a dark robe asks Senel if he is strong, but Senel ignores the boy. This prompts the boy to imitate Senel, boasting that if anyone can defeat him, he will give the person 50,000 Gald. The provocation forces Senel to face the "Bantam Bouncers", Ed Curtis and Isabella Robbins, but the fighting is halted when Will arrives, casting Lightning to subdue the commotion before arresting Senel for disturbing the peace. After the events at the plaza, an elderly woman named Madame Musette tells Will to free Senel from his imprisonment at the local jail in order to allow him rescue his sister, and she further expresses her wish for Will to accompany Senel to the Bandit's Lair. Finally, Senel and Will depart and travel to the Misty Mountains.

Later in the story, Senel returns to Werites Beacon with Harriet Campbell after she finds him near the seaside cliffs, floating down in a golden ball, and she asks him to find Will in town. After arriving at Will's house, the pair find Will and Chloe Valens talking. Harriet runs away, believing Chloe to be Will's lover. Inside, Will deduces that the soldiers they encountered outside the Bandit's Lair were part of a special operations unit led by the third prince of the Crusand Empire, Vaclav Bolud, who has been leading his troops from battle to battle, gaining power with each fight. He is also accompanied by his three top officers, commonly known as the Terrors: Melanie the Crimson, Cashel the Phantom, and Stingle the Vicious. These individuals are his most trusted commanders on and off the battlefield. Chloe is angered, mainly because her homeland, the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria, is currently at war with the Crusand Empire. Chloe is surprised that Will knows this as well, and he proceeds to explain that the Valens family is a legendary clan of knights within Gadoria. Since tracking Vaclav is of the utmost importance, Will contacts "Jay the Unseen", an individual who knows a great deal concerning activity on the Legacy.

The pair leaves Senel out of the search, seeing as how he left them on the cliff without so much as a goodbye and managed to allow Shirley to be captured again. However, Senel pursues them and encounters Norma Beatty outside. While Norma does not entirely agree with Senel's actions, she nonetheless decides to assist him, in exchange for Shirley's brooch. She also tells Senel more about Jay, stating that if one were to write a letter in a certain way, he will send the answer, as well as that he is particularly cautious, so no one knows what he is truly like. She then suggests going to the plaza, as the answers sent by "The Unseen" are revealed there. After arriving, the pair encounter the Bantam Bouncers again. Once Senel explains his situation, with some assistance from Norma, Curtis and Isabella decide to assist them. They proceed to inform them that Will and Chloe journeyed to Port-on-Rage, so Senel and Norma pursue them there.

After the War[]

After winning the battle against Vaclav and his forces, Senel visits Stella Telmes's grave. Harriet finds him there and tells him that Will is looking for him. Once at Will's house, Will asks Senel to deliver medals from Gadoria to everyone. At the inn, they find Norma haggling the price of renting a room; at the hospital; they find Chloe, who decides to rent a room there for the time being; and at the north end of town, Senel they find Moses, who proceeds to give his medal to Csaba Rajk. Csaba thanks Senel for giving the bandits a place to camp, though it was actually Will and Isabella who arranged for this. Csaba also explains that it was Stingle who saved the group after their defeat in the Forest of No Return.

At the plaza, Senel and Harriet find Curtis, who is looking for temporary recruits, while Isabella is tending to other business. The group makes their way back to Will's house with the remaining few medals, and they find Jay eavesdropping near the door. After some persuasion from Harriet, Jay accepts the medal. The others, as well as Will and a captain of the Gadorian Knights, then arrive. Everyone is surprised to learn that Chloe's parents were murdered by a single bandit. Will explains that people from all over the Mainland are coming aboard the Legacy, having witnessed the power of the ship during the war. Norma then calls in an old acquaintance, Fenimore Xelhes. Fenimore requests that Senel visit Shirley, but Senel is reluctant, since he and Shirley decided to part ways after the war. Fenimore explains that Shirley is starting to feel lonely, so the group decides to accompany Fenimore to the Village of the Ferines.

After retreating to Werites Beacon following Shirley's Merines awakening, the group learns that everyone in town is suddenly unable to use Eres. Moses goes to check on the bandit camp, while Jay and Will make their way to Musette's mansion at Isabella's request. Just as the others reach Will's house, Senel faints. Chloe, Norma, Grune, and Harriet carry him to the inn, where he has a brief flashback. After Senel wakes, Grune and Harriet leave and find Chloe near the door who proceeds to enter and issue some bad news: a war is about to begin against the Ferines, and sentinels have already been seen surrounding the city. Both Senel and Chloe are confused as what to do in such a situation, knowing they do not wish to fight against Shirley. Senel decides to find answers instead of sitting around wondering about things he, as well as the others, do not understand, and he ultimately asks Chloe for help. Norma and Grune also decide to help.

It is then that an image of a lighthouse flashes briefly in the group's minds. With their destination set, they immediately make their way to the north end of town. As soon as they step out of the inn, the captain from earlier draws his sword at Chloe and attempts to arrest her and Senel. However, due to the intervention of Curtis and the Oresoren, the group manages to escape. At the lighthouse, they find Will and Jay. Norma looks at the lighthouse with surprise, as the entrance door is wide open, and according to her master's notes, the door has never been able to be opened. Moses then comes rushing back and explains that an army of sentinels have already assembled at the gates, though they have not made any movement beyond that. The group then decides to venture into the lighthouse, and inside, they find that the design is similar to the Bridge and Ruins of Frozen Light. As soon as they walk onto a large platform, they fall into the Quiet Lands.

Final Battle[]

While Jay prepares the tram ready for departure, the rest of the group returns to town. Norma suggests going to the plaza and having a party to try to raise everyone's spirits before the final battle. Senel is the first to arrive there and decides to wait for everyone else. Moses has a chat with his men, telling them that every single person in the group is like family to him, including Senel. Chloe then arrives at the fountain, as well. Meanwhile, Will speaks with a person of importance and reports the situation to her. Just as he is about to leave, Harriet arrives. Norma begins to write a letter to her parents, but abandons the attempt. She then tells herself that the search for the Everlight will have to wait, as she now has more important things to protect.

Outside, Senel and Chloe converse at the plaza more about Shirley's situation. Will and Harriet discuss Harriet's mother and the current situation they face. After being threatened by Harriet, Will mentions that her words are the most encouraging ones anyone has said to him. Back at the plaza, Senel asks Chloe if she could be friends with Shirley when they come back. She accepts, though she claims to hold true to her feelings and not hold back. It is then that she calls Senel a "despicable, worthless coward" after a misunderstanding. Afterward, the rest of the group arrives at the plaza, and Senel then conveys his thoughts to Shirley that she does have a place with them, and that she is not alone. The next day, the group makes their way to the tram and readies their final preparations before heading to the Wings of Light.