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Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Hometown Gilgulim
Height 190 cm
Weight 77 kg
Race Descender
Occupation Descender of Gilgulim
Weapon Swords
Japanese Voice Actor Banjo Ginga
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Widdershin (ウィダーシン Widaashin?) is the main antagonist of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, and a Descender like the Protagonist and Mormo. He appears as a young man with long, silver waist length hair with red and yellow horns protruding from the sides of his head. He wears a black long coat and pants of the same color.


Past on Gilgulim

Widdershin is the Descender of the foreign world Gilgulim, but because of a lot of loss of mana, the world was falling. Widdershin then realized that sooner or later, every world will disappear. Widdershin used his power as a Descender and made Gilgulim into a seed, and went off with it to feed it with other World Trees, the goal being to fuse every world into one single one with eternal life. While on his journey, he met Aurora, another Descender, who had been abandoned by the people of her world in their thirst for more mana. Feeling pity for her, he asked her to help him. Later, they came to a world called Pasca, where they found a heartbroken and sinning Kanonno. She agreed to offer her world to Gilgulim, and followed them after Widdershin said that he will help her restore humanity. Short time before the game starts, the trio visited Yaoon, Mormo's world, and let Gilgulim consume that, as well. At last, they came to the world Terresia, where he and Aurora lost Kanonno when she tried to take down the World Tree.

First Appearance

Widdershin first appears when the protagonist rescues the amnesiac Kanonno from the Orphic Maze. Following the battle with Ganser, Widdershin berates Ganser for his uselessness, after which Ganser falls to his knees, begging for forgiveness. Then, he is killed by an unknown force, and Widdershin reveals himself. In the following discussion, he reveals that he is merely doing his job by protecting Gilgulim, the world he is a Descender of, as it consumes gargantuan amounts of mana. He then tries to strike down the protagonist, only to be stopped by an aura that protects him or her and destroys the Gilgulim node in the Orphic Maze. Widdershin becomes furious and confused, but disappears after saying that the protagonist is not without his or her powers.

New Meeting

When the heroes first arrive in Doplund several cutscenes take place in which Widdershin and Aurora talk about her position in Gavada. The next time Widdershin is seen again is in the Lavacleft, where the protagonist and Mormo, together with Rutee Katrea from Tales of Destiny are looking for the source of the earthquakes going on lately. Widdershin introduces a creature that Mormo recognizes as being from his own world. However, Widdershin has fused its mind with Gilgulim, making it fight the heroes. After this creature is defeated and the node of Gilgulim is destroyed, Widdershin is still in victory by giving Mormo such mental pain, and leaves.

Last Battle

Before the last battle in Gilgulim, Widdershin asks the protagonist and Mormo just why they insist on saving Terresia and the other worlds since there are no reasons. Mormo tells Widdershin that they will defeat him and ensure the worlds’ safety, and save it again if it breaks. Provoked by this, Widdershin appears and challenges them for the last time. When Widdershin is defeated, he says once again that there is no use trying to save the worlds. Then, he perishes.

Appearance and Personality

Widdershin does not show much of his personality during the game, but he does not care for lifeforms other than Gilgulim, and has problems understanding feelings such as passion and hope. This is shown when he asks the protagonist and Mormo why they bother saving the world when they eventually will die. However, he never asks for power, nor wants it; his only goal is to fuse all worlds into one eternal world.

Fighting Style

Widdershin is only fought once, and is the very last battle to be fought in the game. During the battle, he is capable of flying with several short swords around him, which he can use to guard himself from attacks and also attack the heroes. He can transport himself from one area to another, and uses powerful spells such as Meteor Storm and Demon's Lance. When his HP has reached half, he will automatically use the unnamed mystic arte Eternal Finality, and he gains several more artes. It is hinted that the World Tree of Gilgulim was strong, maybe even as strong as the Terresian World Tree, to be able to give Widdershin such powers as to make the whole world into one seed. But this may also just be normal Descender power, as Kanonno also was able to use her own powers as a Descender to stop Gilgulim from eating Terresia for a time.

Other Appearances

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Widdershin is available as a secret opponent in the coliseum, accessible after converting the save file data from the Japanese version of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.