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Wings of Light
Wings of Light (ToL).jpg
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

The Wings of Light (光跡翼 Kousekiyoku?) is a dungeon in Tales of Legendia that serves as the final dungeon for the Main Quest portion of the game. Although it is originally presumed that the Wings of Light were a means developed by the Ferines with the intent of destroying the landmass of Shining Blue and eliminating the Orerines, it is later revealed that it was created by the Orerines for the purpose of raising the land, thereby rendering the planet habitable for themselves.


The Wings of Light is a device capable of both creating and destroying landmasses and is apparently responsible for raising the land surface of Shining Blue, as well as causing the ancient Cataclysm that sank half the planet's land beneath the ocean. The Wings of Light also functions as an immense dungeon comprised of a large series of catwalks across the exterior wiring, presumably a service route, proceeding through a duct into what appears to be a digital space within the device's programming, and finally into a geologically active region surrounding the firing mechanism of the structure. A final chamber from which the Wings of Light are controlled serves as the site of both the final confrontation against Maurits Welnes and Nerifes, as well as the penultimate confrontation with Schwartz. It is also from here that Nerifes gives its blessing to the union of Senel Coolidge and Shirley Fennes after Senel falls from the tower and Shirley dives in after him, effectively performing the Rite of Feriyen.


Main Quest

After the departure of the Ferines from Mirage Palace, from which the Wings of Light apparently must be raised through an act of Nerifes, the group must infiltrate the facility through the tram discovered in the underground. The "Trail Across the Heavens" connecting the lighthouse of Werites Beacon to the Wings of Light is mentioned in an Oresoren legend, in which an ancient hero crossed it for the completion of his quest. While traveling to the top, the group meets Walter Delques, who summons an Automaton to fight them despite their plea. After the group defeats the Automaton, Walter dies from exhaustion due to powering the machine.

After arriving in the control room, Maurits attacks the group as a last resort to stop them, but he is defeated twice. Senel and the others manage to return Shirley to her senses and decide to return to Werites Beacon, but they notice Maurits is gone. Maurits then attacks the group and assumes the role of Merines for himself, leading to his possession by the "Raging Nerifes", who grabs Shirley and holds the group to the ground. Senel then receives the blessing of the "Quiet Nerifes" and is able to break free from the hold. Senel runs toward the Raging Nerifes and manages to free Shirley and the others. The Raging Nerifes then attacks the group again, but they emerge victorious. After the battle, Senel falls from the last floor of the facility, and Shirley jumps in after him, performing the Rite of Feriyen.

Character Quests

The group returns to the Wings of Light during Grune's Character Quest, after Nerifes informs the group that Grune is located there. When they arrive at the top floor of the facility, they find Grune and Schwartz fighting. Schwartz attempts to dispose of the party, but they block her attack with their Sacred Eres. Grune's memories reawaken, and she becomes determined to kill Schwartz at any cost. Schwartz then attacks the group again and they fight her briefly, but it is revealed she was merely toying with them. Schwartz retreats to the Cradle of Time, while the group returns to Werites Beacon.


  • The Wings of Light is one of three dungeons in the game not accessible from the World Map. Both Mirage Palace and the Wings of Light are connected by the surviving remnants of the ancient tram system. The other location is the Cradle of Time, which can be reached through a portal at the Altar of the Sea.