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Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Age 28
Height 5'9" / 175 cm
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Chimeriad
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Hidenobu Kiuchi
English Voice Actor Kaiji Tang[1]

Wingul the Nova (革命のウィンガル Kakumei no Uingaru?, "Wingul of the Revolution"), birth name Li Ying Long Dau (リイン・ロンダウ Riin Rondau?, "Lin Long Dau"), is the right-hand man of Gaius and leader of the Chimeriad in Tales of Xillia.


Li Ying was born heir to the Long Dau Tribe, one of the more influential tribes of the time. A child prodigy, he displayed a high intelligence and aptitude for military strategy as early as the age of eight. Throughout his childhood, he was rarely not seen in the company of his best friend and retainer, Nils Frieden, who was four years his senior.

When he was 11 years old, his father, Lars, the tribe chief during that time, lost his life to Gaius, making Li Ying the new leader of the tribe. While he possessed a brilliant mind, his three uncles frequently ignored his advice in favor of fighting against Gaius's group, Taurus, repeatedly in an attempt to avenge Lars's death. These attempts were consistently unsuccessful and resulted in the deaths of Li Ying's uncles, Yan and Ying. The third uncle, Bruno, died later in an accident while retreating from battle. After Yan and Ying's death, Li Ying began to have more of a say in the tribe's movements, and he also began to prove himself more than capable as a leader, earning the title "The Little General" (小さき智将?). Although the Long Dau army was able to gain more ground on Taurus under Li Ying's command, they were unable to seize decisive victory, and the tribe, as a whole, was in chaos. In addition to his father and uncle's deaths, Li Ying's mother later committed suicide.

Wingul (ToAsteria)

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Finally, two years after succeeding his father, Li Ying was able to corner Taurus in the Mon Highlands. Gaius came to meet with him personally, informing him that if the two forces clashed there, they would both be buried in an avalanche. Although he considered killing Gaius to avenge his father, he instead listened to what he had to say. Li Ying was moved by the older boy's ambition and ideals, and he soon withdrew his troops as a result of this inspiration. Having similar dreams of uniting Auj Oule and seeing Gaius as worthy of being the one to do so, he surrendered to Gaius and offered his support to Gaius's cause. In turn, Gaius saw the skill and potential Li Ying possessed and made him his personal companion and chief strategist. It was at this point that Li Ying took the name Wingul, the "wing" of the Chimera.

After defeating King Melard at the Battle of Arklund, Gaius officially became the new king of Auj Oule. In this battle, a new technology was used: boosters. Wingul pursued researching the new technology further. When he was 21, he fought against Ortega Kitarl, but was easily overwhelmed by the man's brute strength. Frustrated by this loss, Wingul volunteered to be the first human test subject in booster research, having a booster implanted directly into his brain. The side effects were severe, but he felt any pain was worth it for the power it gave him. It was during this time that he met Elize Lutus, another test subject. Six years later, a year before the events of Tales of Xillia, the booster lab was attacked by agents of Exodus, with Nils being shot and killed by Alvin. The lab was closed afterward.

Appearance and Personality[]

Also called the "Ebon Wing" of Auj Oule (ア・ジュールの「黒き片翼」?), Wingul is an intelligent and highly talented strategist, a fact noted by Rowen J. Ilbert, himself a legendary tactician. Even more than fervent than his abilities, however, he is fiercely loyal to Gaius. Wingul puts what will help Gaius and what is best for Gaius above all else, even if it concerns his own life. This is clearly shown when he continues to use his booster, knowing it will kill him, in order to stop Jude Mathis and the others from interfering with Gaius's plans. Wingul has a relatively level-headed temperament, tending toward irritable and snarky. While Gaius demonstrates a healthy respect for Jude and Milla Maxwell, Wingul clearly disdains the party and their efforts, having a particular rivalry with Rowen.

In contrast to his usual calm, when using his booster, Wingul is aggressive and difficult to reason with, in addition to becoming significantly stronger. The personality change is attributed to a side effect of the booster, having been implanted in his head. Additionally, his hair becomes white and spiked in this state, and his side-cape positions upward, resembling a wing. While under the influence of his booster, Wingul can only speak his native language, Long Dau. Long Dau was only spoken by the tribe's elite, a sign of his noble birth.

Fighting Style[]

Wingul Cut-in (ToX)

Cut-in image for Lightning Nova in Tales of Xillia.

Wingul uses his booster in combat to buff his strength. He is gracefully light-footed, performing dances as he uses artes. Wingul specializes in Fire- and Wind-elemental artes, martial and spirit.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the Rays: Last Cradle[]

In Tales of the Rays, Wingul has been installed as the lord of the Rieze Maxia territory in the form of a Living Doll Beta.


Wingul (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

  • Wingul's birth name, Li Ying, translates to "reincarnation" in an ancient language. At some points, "Leene" is also used as the localization for Wingul's birth name.
  • Each member of the Chimeriad is named after a body part of the Chimera, a giant monster from legend. Wingul translates to "wing" in the game's lore.
  • At one point, Wingul had the idea to create sweets themed after Gaius as a souvenir, as well as to raise the king's popularity. He even wrote a jingle to promote the treat, and despite Gaius banning the song, it made its way to the public.
  • In Tales of Xillia 2, the player can acquire Wingul's model as a skin for the party by completing the bonus dungeon in a certain way.


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