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Witcher (ToV).jpg
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Hometown Aspio
Race Human
Occupation Mage
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Makiko Ohmoto
English Voice Actor Wendee Lee[1]

Witcher (ウィチル Wichiru?) is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia. He is a mage from Aspio tasked with supporting Flynn Scifo.


Witcher travels alongside Flynn and Sodia, acting as his mage and scholar support. He is intelligent and slightly haughtly, but he takes his duties seriously. Witcher takes personal umbrage at Rita Mordio's willingness to do what she wants regardless of her status as a fellow mage and thus in Imperial employ; his dislike is compounded by the fact that Rita is extremely well known in Aspio and is also considered a genius. In contrast, Rita is more or less unaware of Witcher's existence, uncaring about anything but blastia and her research. Witcher supports Flynn as best he can, whether it be through his knowledge or his ability to use magic. Rita and Witcher eventually reach an understanding where, due to Witcher's research into Alexei Dinoia's blastia network, he is able to collaborate with her in constructing the global one that can be used to get rid of the Adephagos that threatens the world. He remains behind to support the construction from the ground while Brave Vesperia deals with Duke Pantarei's plans for mass genocide.

Witcher is also a fan of blastia bodies and Sicily's work. When Witcher comes across Sicily at Heliord, he hovers nearby, and when Sicily asks to see and upgrade Karolow X, Witcher asks to observe. Upon completion of the upgrade, Witcher admits that he cannot keep up with Sicily but vows to work hard enough to eventually do so and surpass Rita.


  • Yuri Lowell refers to him as "Apple Head", possibly due to his hairstyle and apple-shaped staff.