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Ryuuko Metsugazan as it appears in Tales of Rebirth.

Wyrm Wrath (龍虎滅牙斬 Ryuuko Metsugazan?, "Dragon Tiger Destroying Fang Slash"[1]) and Wyrm Wrath (龍虎滅牙陣 Ryuuko Metsugajin?, "Dragon Tiger Destroying Fang Position/Array") are powerful artes that appear frequently throughout the Tales series. This arte represents one of the first and most well-known mystic artes to exist in the series, originally appearing in Tales of Eternia as a solo attack, but since becoming associated as a significant attack that involves two characters.

Arte Description and History

When Wyrm Wrath is activated, a circular glyph appears on the ground while the user slashes upward and rises into the air. Then, the user falls back to the ground, striking their weapon through the enemy and onto the ground. This causes a massive release of energy to rise from the glyph, damaging all enemies caught within the glyph's area of effect.

This attack first appeared in Tales of Eternia as a mystic arte extension, localized as Dragon Demon Chaos, which can be activated only after using Omega Demon Chaos and meeting all requirements. During the cameo exhibition battle at the Inferia City Arena, if the character attempts to initiate Dragon Demon Chaos while targeting Cress Albain, he will counter it with Eternal Blade, which is effectively a reinterpretation of this arte, invoking aspects of Cress's "space-time" abilities. Eternal Blade will not activate if Omega Demon Chaos is used while Arche Klein is being targeted. In the Japanese version, Cress says "Jigenzan" while using this skill.

Wyrm Wrath as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

In the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PC ports of Tales of Symphonia, Wyrm Wrath is established as a Compound Special Attack activated during a Unison Attack when Lloyd Irving uses Demonic Circle or Demonic Chaos and Regal Bryant uses Eagle Fall or Eagle Rage. In the resulting attack, Regal descends onto the enemy for one hit and forms a glyph on the ground. Then, he jumps backward while Lloyd jumps forward to slam his swords into the glyph and cause a release of energy through the glyph. This attack is named using the "formation" ( jin?) ending compared to the "slash" ( zan?) ending in Tales of Eternia to show its alternative implementation, focusing on the glyph that appears during the attack rather than the full-attack movement.

In Tales of Rebirth, Ryuuko Metsugazan reappears as a two-person Fusionic Force Finality between Veigue Lungberg and Annie Barrs. It can be activated only while the Finality Charge Break message is active, and only after many other special conditions and requirements have been met. This attack is similar to the way it is activated in Tales of Symphonia, with some variation as the attack begins. Annie first creates a glyph in front of her, through which Veigue rushes to attack the enemy. As he slashes upward to lift the enemy into the air, Annie jumps on it, simultaneously creating a charged glyph on the ground. Veigue follows through with a high jump, dropping down to slash at the enemy, which discharges the energy from the glyph.

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, Annie receives the "formation" version in place of the "slash" version she shares with Veigue, now activated on her own without Veigue's assistance. The attack is largely altered to focus directly on her glyph formation abilities, though it still maintains the same general effects. Annie creates a glyph to first fire a blast of energy at her enemy, then jumps and lands near the target. Spinning around once, she thrusts her staff into the ground, creating the glyph around her, which discharges dragon-shaped energy and damages all enemies on the glyph.

Wyrm Wrath as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

In Tales of the Abyss, this arte is not a mystic arte, but an FOF Change that can be activated only within a complete Earth or Dark FOF Circle. Once the correct FOF Circle appears on the field, the Tiger Blade arte can be converted into Wyrm Wrath within the FOF Circle. Reid also has unused voice clips for Wyrm Wrath, localized as Final Dragon Fang. Tales of Xillia features the return of Wyrm Wrath as a linked arte, involving two characters using specific attacks. In the case of Milla Maxwell and Alvin, the arte is activated by using either Death Knell or Tornado Drive while both characters are linked.

Appearances (Wyrm Wrath [龍虎滅牙斬])

Original Titles

Crossover Titles


Appearances (Wyrm Wrath [龍虎滅牙陣])

Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Eternia

Japanese Quote: 見切った!いけ/トドメだ/必殺!龍虎、滅牙斬!!
Localized Quote: "Strike! Dragon Demon Chaos!"

Tales of Rebirth

Japanese Quote:

Annie: 浄化の扉、開かれん!
Veigue: 見切った!
Annie: 必殺!
Both: 龍虎滅牙斬![2]

Romanized Quote:

Annie: Jouka no tobira, hiraka ren!
Veigue: Mikitta!
Annie: Hissatsu!
Both: Ryuuko Metsugazan!

Translated Quote:

Annie: "The Gate of Purification will not purge for you."
Veigue: "I see right through you!"
Annie: "Finishing strike!"
Both: "Ryuuko Metsugazan!"[3]

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Description: 地面を叩き、竜の闘気を発生させ攻撃する技。
Localized Description: "Arte: Strike the ground and unleash the power of an ancient dragon."

Japanese Quote: くらえ龍虎の牙、龍虎滅牙斬!
Romanized Quote: Kurae, ryuuko no kiba. Ryuuko Metsugazan!!
Localized Quote: "Feel the dragon's fangs! Wyrm Wrath!!"[4]

Tales of Xillia

Japanese Description: 二人が同時に空中に飛び上がり、剣を振り下ろす際に 衝撃波を発生させ、周りを攻撃する共鳴武身技。
Localized Description: "Both partners leap into the air and bring their swords down to attack foes with shock waves."

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Japanese Quote: 浄化の扉、開かれん!許しません…!必殺!龍虎!滅牙陣!

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Japanese Quote: 浄化の扉、開かれん!許しません…!必殺!龍虎!滅牙斬!