Yeager (ToCE).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Leader of Leviathan's Claw
Weapon Scythe, Rifle, Crossbow, Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Mitsuo Iwata
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Yeager (イエガー Iegaa?) is the leader of the Leviathan's Claw guild, which specializes in selling weapons and hoplon blastia, and he attained this position by murdering the previous owner. He is also a father figure to his orphan underlings, Gauche and Droite. Sly and scheming, Yeager often manipulates events to meet his own goals and frequently tosses moral concerns aside for the sake of profit.


Before Alexei Dinoia's death, Yeager is sometimes seen arguing with Alexander von Cumore, as well as helping him to escape. After his and his benefactor's death, Yeager's underlings explain to the group that he fought to protect them because Alexei discovered he was paying the debts of the orphanage where he adopted the girls. Yeager has an indirect connection with Raven, having been romantically involved with Casey, a now-deceased female knight, who had also been dear to Raven in the past. Yeager is in possession of Casey's prized weapon, a bow, until Gauche and Droite surrender the weapon to Raven in return for Casey's compact mirror. Yeager and Raven were also both subjects in Alexei's experiments with blastia, and like Raven, Yeager has a Hermes blastia keeping him alive.

Fighting Style

Due to his unique weapon, Yeager's fighting techniques are unorthodox. Like Raven, due to his weapon's transforming quality, he can perform both melee and ranged attacks. He is a relatively swift opponent, and unlike many human bosses, does not possess any spells. Yeager has a variety of strike artes, all of which are unique to him. Some are used with his weapon in scythe form, while the rest are used while his weapon is in rifle form. Yeager's mystic arte is Caress of Death, an attack that combines his melee and ranged prowess.



  • Yeager is derived from the German surname Jäger, meaning "hunter".
  • When written backward, Yeager's name becomes Regaey, the alias he uses while masquerading as the leader of the Ruins' Gate guild.
  • Yeager possesses an oceanic motif, with the folds on his jacket resembling shark gills, bands on his shoulders resembling shark jaws, and name of his guild taken from a mythological sea creature. His final battle is also fought in an underwater dungeon.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, Yeager speaks with an English accent, and includes various English words and phrases in his dialogue, which remains present through the names of his artes in both Japanese and English releases. In the English version, he speaks with a German accent and occasionally uses German words such as ja, Liebchen, and wunderbar, meaning "yes", "my dear", and "wonderful", respectively.

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