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Yeager (ToCE).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Human
Occupation Leader of Leviathan's Claw
Weapon Scythe/Rifle/Crossbow/Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Mitsuo Iwata
English Voice Actor Spike Spencer[1]
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Yeager (イエガー Iegaa?) is the leader of the Leviathan's Claw guild, which specializes in selling weapons and hoplon blastia, and he attained this position by murdering the previous owner. He is also a father figure to his orphan underlings, Gauche and Droite.


In the past, Yeager fought during the Great War alongside Imperial knights Casey and Damuron Atomais. At some point, Yeager developed feelings for Casey, becoming romantically involved with her. Unfortunately, nearing the end of the war, all three were killed.

At the end of the war, Yeager and Damuron became test subjects in Alexei Dinoia's experiments with Hermes blastia, reviving them, and bending them to his will. Unable to resist Alexei's commands, Yeager and Damuron were forced to obey. Alexei changed Damuron into Schwann Oltorain. Meanwhile, Yeager managed to get his hand on Casey's bow and gave it to Gauche and Droite for safekeeping. Alexei eventually discovered Yeager was paying the debts of the orphanage where he adopted the girls, and put him on a tighter leash.

Yeager is first seen in Heliord talking with Cumore, one of Alexei's lackies, about the latter's plan to attack Dahngrest. When Brave Vesperia arrives and attempts to apprehend Cumore, Yeager and his goons hold them off, telling them not to take it personally, before Gauche and Droite arrive to help them escape.

At some point, Yager adopts the guise of Regaey (ラーギィ?), the alias he uses while masquerading as the leader of the Ruins' Gate guild. Regaey sees Brave Vesperia arrive in Nordopolica and requests them to prevent the current champion from taking over the city. When Zagi arrives to kill Yuri Lowell, he ends up setting the captive monsters loose. In the chaos, Regaey grabs a red box from Estelle and runs off. Brave Vesperia chase him all the way to the Weasand of Cados, forcing him to revert to his Yeager persona and having the twins provoke the Pteropus long enough for them to escape.

After Alexei sets up blockades around Nordopolica, Yeager tricks Don Whitehorse's grandson Harry into bringing the Hunting Blades to attack and kill Belius. Due to Harry's involvement, the Don knows he will have to take responsibility. Knowing he is dead either way, the Don confronts Yeager in the Manor of the Wicked before the two eventually separate in a temporary skirmish. After the Don commits seppuku in atonement for Belius' death, Yeager, Gauche and Droite attend the funeral to pay their respects.

Yeager, Gauche and Droite reveal themselves to the party in Yormgen with Alexei, where the latter reveals his true colors. After he leaves, the three tell the party to hurry to Baction, where Estelle has been taken.

The trio are next seen on Heracles, after Zagi destroys the control panel, forcing the machine to move on its own. After knocking Zagi out the window, they heal the party and tell them that Alexei is already in Zaphias, using Estelle as a key to the Secret Stair, before leaving.

Yeager is last seen deep in Zaude to fight Brave Vesperia. He orders Gauche and Droite not to assist him, no matter what happens. During the battle, Yeager is forced to rely on his blastia heart to hold nothing back, but ultimately fails. Mortally wounded, Yeager congratulates the party and says goodbye before dying.

Appearance and Personality

Sly and scheming, Yeager often manipulates events to meet his own goals and frequently tosses moral concerns aside for the sake of profit. However, this may have been an effect on his psyche that resulted from Alexei's control over him, as there have been many cases where his good side is revealed, such as when he supported Gauche and Droite, and their orphanage, helped the party on certain occasions, and respected Don Whitehorse to the point of paying his respects to him after his death.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Caress of Death in Tales of Vesperia.

Due to his unique weapon, Yeager's fighting techniques are unorthodox. Like Raven, due to his weapon's transforming quality, he can perform both melee and ranged attacks. He is a relatively swift opponent, and unlike many human bosses, does not possess any spells. Yeager has a variety of strike artes, all of which are unique to him. Some are used with his weapon in scythe form, while the rest are used while his weapon is in rifle form. Yeager's mystic arte is Caress of Death, an attack that combines his melee and ranged prowess.



Artwork for Tales of Vesperia.

  • Yeager is derived from the German surname Jäger, meaning "hunter".
  • Yeager possesses an oceanic motif, with the folds on his jacket resembling shark gills, bands on his shoulders resembling shark jaws, and name of his guild taken from a mythological sea creature. His final battle is also fought in an underwater dungeon.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, Yeager speaks with an English accent, and includes various English words and phrases in his dialogue, which remains present through the names of his artes in both Japanese and English releases. In the English version, he speaks with a German accent and occasionally uses German words such as ja, Liebchen, and wunderbar, meaning "yes", "my dear", and "wonderful", respectively.