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Created before the Outer Lands rose, its existence is known only by the Lorelei Order's elite. Its leaders protect the Score.

Yulia City, the Watcher's Home (ユリアシティ?) is the only settlement located in the Qliphoth. Its location is unique due to the fact that it was built with a technology that protects it from the miasma within the Qliphoth. The city is named after Yulia Jue, who predicted the world's future in the Score some 2,000 years prior to the events of the story.


After Luke fon Fabre destroys the mining town of Akzeriuth, the group travels to Yulia City in the Tartarus in order to take shelter. When they first arrive, they ignore Luke and proceed to the meeting hall. Luke is then encountered by the rogue God-General Asch, who reveals the truth to Luke, which initiates a fight between the two. The day after the battle, Jade Curtiss, Anise Tatlin, Guy Cecil, and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear leave with Asch on the Tartarus while Tear Grants remains with Luke.

After the event in Ortion Cavern, Luke learns through Asch that the area around St. Binah will collapse. He confronts Tear about the potential danger and asks if there is a way back to the Outer Lands. Tear responds coldly due to the fact that Luke tends to act based on what others say instead of thinking for himself. This is the first time Luke realizes he needs to change so that he may avoid repeating past mistakes. He then cuts his hair, which serves as a gesture indicating the ridding of his old self. After Tear suggests that Teodoro Grants, the mayor of the city and her grandfather, might know something, the two visit the conference room to ask him for information. Upon meeting with him, they learn that the collapse of Akzeriuth was written in Yulia's prophecy, the Score, just as Hod was.

Teodoro then justifies that Akzeriuth and Hod had simply been allowed to be destroyed in order to fulfill the Score and bring prosperity to Auldrant. Teodoro explains that a new war between Malkuth and Kimlasca is also written in the Score, which is why Grand Maestro Mohs is attempting to start one. When Luke asks about the possibility of St. Binah falling, Teodoro states that it is impossible since the Score does not mention it, but that the battle of the Rugnican plains is to take place around the city. He then suggests they use the Yulia Road to return to the Outer Lands. Before leaving, Luke and Tear visit Tear's house. There, Tear tells Luke about her past and why she decided to stop her brother, Van Grants.