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Yuna Azetta
Yuna Azetta (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Centerport
Age 17
Height 5'4" / 163 cm
Race Human
Occupation •Journalist
•Information Broker
Weapon Blood Sin (Embroiling Deceit)
Japanese Voice Actor Ayane Sakura
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Yuna Azetta (ユナ・アゼッタ Yuna Azetta?) is a character in Tales of Crestoria. She is an attractive young woman who uses her job to acquire information and sell it further.


As a child, Yuna was the daughter of circus performers, and close friends with Penelope Kluber, the daughter of the famous actress Bernette Kluber. As the two played, Yuna noticed several bruises on Penelope's body. When she asked why they were there, Penelope denied it by saying she just slipped, but some of the bruises were too big to be mere slips. One day, Yuna caught Penelope being physically punished by Bernette. Mortified, Yuna recorded Bernette beating her own daughter with her vision orb. Enraged, the people condemned Bernette to be at the mercy of the enforcers, taking Penelope's mother away from her. As Penelope cried, Yuna realized that using her vision orb was a mistake and swore never to use it again. Instead, she'd do everything in her power to find the truth before hasting judgement.

Ten years later, Yuna grew up to be an infamous journalist, unafraid of telling the cold, hard truth. A lot of people hated her for it, but she had always made sure not to step out of line, lest she shared Bernette's fate. Despite what happened between the two, Yuna and Penelope, who followed in her mother's footsteps and became a world famous actress, remained on good terms. However, Penelope started having cardiac problems. Knowing full well she was going to die, Penelope made it her mission to give the performance of a lifetime. During her time as a journalist, Yuna found out that Penelope's father was a stageman named Genitz, who was condemned by critics due to the provocative nature of his plays. Hoping to make amends, Yuna made it her primary mission to find Genitz and reunite him with her daughter.

The Upending of Virtue

Officially, Yuna works as a journalist, but in reality, she uses her profession to gather intelligence. She cooperates with Vicious the Great Transgressor and sells him illicit information, including intelligence regarding a certain place. Yuna first appears on a ship, greeting Vicious along with Kanata Hjuger, Misella, and Aegis Alver, who had recently been condemned. As they make it to a fog, Kanata's Stain of Guilt starts to glow and reveal the Nation of Sin within the fog. A boat appears out of the gateway, carrying an old man. He allows everyone except Yuna into the Nation, as she is not a transgressor at this point. As Kanata, Misella, Vicious, and Aegis board the old man's ship, Yuna asks if Genitz is in the Nation. The man says he has not heard the name before, and Yuna leaves, bidding Kanata and the others goodbye.

Sweet Lies and Bitter Truths

Yuna is next seen in Centerport with Penelope, who approach Kanata, Misella, Aegis, and an animal named Meakyu, trying to come up with a script for the drama festival that Penelope is soon to attend. Knowing the odds are inevitably stacked against them, Kanata asks if Penelope would like to teach them. With how much time Penelope has invested into her career, Yuna thinks it is a smart idea to have Penelope coach the group, knowing that she will go easier on others than herself. After reaching the ancient ruins where Yuna and Penelope played as kids, Penelope agrees to help out somewhat. But after several screw-ups, Penelope seems to get lightheaded from exhaustion. In return for the acting lesson, Yuna has the three agree to help her with an investigation. The next morning, Yuna rudely wakes everyone up to help her. They ask Yuna where they are going, but Yuna says she would rather keep her lips sealed. During their walk, Kanata asks if Penelope is alright. Yuna assures him that Penelope is alright, it is just that she has been pushing herself to become a great actress. The group reaches a research facility run by the mad scientist Malcolm Sloat. Yuna tells the group about the rumors concerning him, that both monsters and people have been taken into these facilities. When the group notices a lookout, Yuna distracts the guard long enough for the others to break in. However, Kanata makes a mistake by falling down a hole, catching the other guards' attention. The group fights through the guards until they stumble upon a mountain of corpses. Using her camera, Yuna takes pictures of the morgue as evidence before telling the group of her personal vow to never use her vision orb. Eventually, they find a survivor among the corpses, a girl. Suddenly, the girl attacks the group before fleeing. By the time the group reach Malcolm's office, Malcolm catches them snooping around in his documents. Horrified by his actions, Kanata kills Malcolm before the scientist can escape. Yuna finds a list of Malcolm's test subjects and spots Genitz's name among them. After burning the manor, the group head to the hospital where Penelope was resting. Yuna reluctantly confesses about Penelope's cardiac issues, and that she only has half a year left. When Penelope wakes up, she asks Kanata to carry her to the ruins, to which he refuses. Penelope tells the group that a prominent journalist has been writing articles that have practically set her victory in stone, earning her constant encouragement. Penelope loathes the idea of winning by default with her death approaching. Know she is weaker than she used to be, she calls high praise for the worst performance "the ultimate insult" before falling back asleep. To stabilize her condition, the group follow the west coast to the woods in search of a plant that can be used for a medicine. During their search, Misella asks Yuna about why she wants to help Penelope, to which Yuna explains the entire backstory to the group. When they find the plant, they quickly return to the hospital. While Yuna stays with Penelope, the others work on buying fabrics for costuming.

Suddenly, a whole armada of pirates arrive at the beach. Knowing how dire the situation is, Yuna calls the others for help. Arriving at the beach, they discover Vicious had spread a false rumor of Aifread's treasure being in Centerport, leading the pirates right to them. Reluctantly, he group accept Vicious's help in fighting them off. After a long, hard battle, the group realize that they have missed their window to enter the festival, but they are able to see Penelope's performance. While the rest of the audience constantly cheer at her performance, the group know that it is not realistic to expect her to perform flawlessly, given her condition. At the end of the play, Penelope faints. Yuna rushes to her side and Penelope is awake just long enough to lament her performance.

Back in the hospital, Penelope's condition has stabilized, but she hasn't woken up. Outside, the audience cheer at Penelope's performance and announce the grand prize in her name. Disgusted with how they did not understand how Penelope truly felt, Yuna loudly describes her performance exactly how Penelope described her own situation before assuring that she would perform again. However, when a doctor reports that Penelope's condition has worsened, this proves to be the turning point. A villager who hates Yuna takes this as an opportunity and broadcasts her speech to the vision central. Without any mercy, Yuna is branded a transgressor. Kanata, Misella and Vicious attempt to protect her from the enforcers that followed, only for an Enforcer EX to appear. Vicous confronts the stunned Yuna about what she really wanted. Eventually, Yuna regains her self-confidence, which allows Vicious to unlock her Blood Sin. With it, she is able to defeat the enforcers.

After wiping out the enforcers, Yuna rushes to Penelope and finds that her condition has stabilized again. Yuna apologizes to the sleeping Penelope for leaving, but assures her that they will meet again. Yuna and the others take a ship from the pirate battle and leave Centerport on a mission to change the world.

Appearance and Personality

Yuna has blue eyes and long, light brown hair tied in two long ponytails with hair ornaments. She wears Eastern-style clothing, inspired by Japanese furisode kimono. On her right hip, lies her vision orb and the enpictuator (写影機?), a camera Yuna invented. When condemned, her Stain of Guilt can be seen on her tongue.

Yuna has a rather peculiar accent, which, paired with her cheery disposition, makes her come off as flaky and unreliable. She has a penchant for lying and is willing to risk her life if it means learning the truth. Apparently, her fashion and accent were carefully modified specifically for that purpose.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

Yuna fights while dual-wielding kunai attached to strings that can generate electricity, and are worn as rings, allowing her attack her foes from range. These strings are her Blood Sin, Embroiling Deceit (絡みつく嘘ラブ&ライ Karamitsuku Uso / "Rabu & Rai"?, "Entangled Lies / Love & Lie")[1]. Her artes often reduce her enemies' stats, making her a great aid for her allies when fighting against strong adversaries.


  • Yuna's birthday is on June 20.
  • In the Japanese language, her accent appears to be based on geisha speech patterns, fitting in with her Japanese-inspired attire and her reference to a culture far to the east. However, in the English subtitles, her accent is French and her diction includes some French phrases. This is probably an effort to translate the exotically flirtatious mood of her speech, since French is widely regarded as the "language of love".