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Yurgen Kitarl
Yurgen Kitarl (ToX).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Xian Du
Age •21 (ToX)
•22 (ToX2)
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Kitarl Clan
Japanese Voice Actor Susumu Chiba

Yurgen Kitarl (ユルゲンス・キタル Yurugensu Kitaru?) is a supporting character in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. A member of the Kitarl Clan (キタル族の Kitaru-zoku no?, "Kitarl Tribe"), he is a gentle man who helps the protagonists gain access to the flying wyverns in exchange for fighting on behalf of the Kitarl Clan in the coliseum. Yurgen is also the fiance of Isla, who hides her past from Yurgen in fear of him leaving her.


The group first meets Yurgen in Xian Du, where they are seeking the assistance of flying wyverns in order to return to Fennmont. Yurgen, representing the Kitarl Clan, informs the group that the wyverns belong to his tribe and that he will allow them to borrow the beasts if they agree to participate in the city's famous fighting tournament, which is held only once a decade. He mentions that their chief is away serving King Gaius, referring to Jiao of the Chimeriad. The group accepts Yurgen's proposal and fights in the coliseum, passing the preliminaries only to have their competition thereafter rooted out through a mass-poisoning plot enlisted by Exodus.

Unnerved and barely avoiding the incident themselves, the group decides to continue with the tournament, though Yurgen informs them that the rules have been changed, reverting back to fighting to the death, which was abolished by Gaius. In the midst of the coliseum's next battle, Exodus steals Teepo and kidnaps Elize Lutus, prompting Alvin to pursue them. Afterward, Yurgen relays a message that the perpetrators have fled through the Royal Hunting Grounds and urges them to proceed with caution and respect into the sacred grounds.

When the group returns from Labari Hollow beyond the hunting grounds, Yurgen tells them that a direct permit from Gaius is required in order to ride the wyverns due to border conflicts between Auj Oule and Rashugal. They travel through the Mon Highlands to the Auj Oule capital city of Kanbalar to receive permission, but a series of events forces them to retreat back to Xian Du, where they vaguely explain the situation to Yurgen, who admits he prefers not to know what trouble they have gotten themselves into but nonetheless allows them to use the wyverns.