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Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Yuris's Realm

Yuris (ユリス Yurisu?) is a central antagonist in Tales of Rebirth. Serving as the final boss of the story, Yuris is the grotesque manifestation of negative emotions in the world.


Yuris is not mentioned and remains unseen throughout a majority of the story. After Zilva Madigan's death deep within Mount Sovereign, the Sacred Beast King, Geyorkias, warns the protagonists that it is too late to save the world from doom. Geyorkias cites the sinister nature of human hearts as giving way to the "Beast of Calamity", Yuris, who shall "descend and deliver ruination" to the world. Geyorkias also explains that the impression (思念?) that ravaged the world earlier in the story was not his, but Yuris's.

Since the beginning of time, Geyorkias has suppressed Yuris, but when Agarte Lindblum used her Force of Moon to summon Geyorkias, Yuris's impression "eluded" him and "dispersed throughout the world". Although the impression was purified, the hatred that brims within the human heart endured, leading to cataclysmic events, such as the destruction of Razilda. These negative emotions spurred Yuris, leading him to hide behind Geyorkias's name, ensnare Zilva, and usher the world into chaos. Shortly after the group's conversation with Geyorkias, Yuris readies its realm in the sky above Mount Sovereign, preparing to engulf the remainder of the world.

As the group ventures further into Yuris's Realm, events around the world offer hope and understanding among the people, weakening Yuris, who thrives on negative emotions. The group begins to feel the realm's evil air fade as they progress through the dungeon, instilling in them the drive to press forward. In the deepest portion of the realm, the group finds Yuris and manages to defeat it in battle, destroying its core. However, the Sacred Beast Shaorune warns the group that Yuris's "evil consciousness" must be eliminated as well. Using her Force of Moon, Agarte summons Geyorkias once more, and Geyorkias purges Yuris from the world. Before leaving, Geyorkias warns the group that, should humanity take the wrong course again, Yuris shall return.

Appearance and Personality

Yuris is a monstrous, malformed creature that embodies the negative energy it represents. Official artwork of Yuris depicts it as being a culmination of all things from which it derives its power. It possesses three heads: a central, alien-like head accompanied by a head representing Huma and a head representing Gajuma. Its body is a combination of male and female qualities, though it is predominantly female in appearance, bearing breasts and a slim frame. Concept artwork of Yuris supports this notion, as it depicts a purely feminine body submerged between two of its heads. In battle, Yuris fights with its other body, which extends from its back. This body bears several arms, with two prominent ones serving as its means of combat. In addition, Yuris is cloaked by what appears to be a third body, which is black with glowing green patterns on the underside and possesses two extremely large hands.