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Yuris's Realm (ユリスの領域 Yurisu no Ryouiki?) is a grotesque manifestation of darkness and hatred created by Yuris that appears directly above Mount Sovereign late in the story in Tales of Rebirth.


After the events at Mount Sovereign, Yuris readies its realm in the sky above the mountain, preparing to engulf the remainder of the world. As the group ventures further into Yuris's Realm, events around the world offer hope and understanding among the people, weakening Yuris, who thrives on negative emotions. The group begins to feel the realm's evil air fade as they progress through the dungeon, instilling in them the drive to press forward. In the deepest portion of the realm, the group finds Yuris and manages to defeat it in battle, destroying its core. However, the Sacred Beast Shaorune warns the group that Yuris's "evil consciousness" must be eliminated as well. Using her Force of Moon, Agarte Lindblum summons Geyorkias once more, and Geyorkias purges Yuris from the world. Before leaving, Geyorkias warns the group that, should humanity take the wrong course again, Yuris shall return.