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Zamaran (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Werites Beacon
Age 55
Height 165 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Scholar
Japanese Voice Actor Eiji Maruyama
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Zamaran (ザマラン?) is a supporting character in Tales of Legendia.



Before the events of the story, Zamaran was a scholar living on the Mainland who used to be a adventurer. One day when he was out adventuring for the Everlight, he got into an accident and lost his sense of sight. He decided to quit adventuring and took a interest in teaching and became the teacher of Sven. At one point, Zamaran got into a argument with Sven about the existence of Everlight, and this caused Zamaran to expel Sven. He later met Norma Beatty and took a disliking to her after finding out she too was a believer of the Everlight.

Character Quests

During the introduction of the Character Quests, Zamaran first appears after Chloe Valens returns to the Legacy. The party bumps into him after he accidentally rams himself into Chloe while wandering around the city. Shirley Fennes asks if she could help him, but Zamaran simply replies if he could get directions to the graveyard. Senel Coolidge points to the direction of the city it is located, but Zamaran explains to them that he is blind so they decide to escort him to the graveyard. When they get to the graveyard, Norma starts yelling after seeing him, which causes Zamaran to figure out that it is Norma. Zamaran, hearing the way Norma is acting, calls her a monkey, which makes Norma angry and causes her to leave.

Zamaran appears at the very beginning of Norma's Character Quest when Senel and Moses Sandor arrive at the fountain plaza. There, Zamaran is seen arguing with Norma, telling her to give up on finding the Everlight and ends up calling Sven a foolish man, which makes Norma extremely angry. Zamaran leaves the area telling Norma not to be fool and stop her search before she knows the true meaning of despair. The night the party returns from the Man Eating Ruins, Zamaran arrives and mocks Norma for not finding the Everlight after trying so hard. Norma tells him to leave, and he does so.

The day after Norma gets poisoned at the Ice Monument, she disappears. The party goes to Zamaran asking if he saw her, and he tells them she went to the graveyard. After Norma tells the party she is going to quit looking for the Everlight, Zamaran comes and reprimands her, claiming she no longer has the right to say Sven's name. After Norma leaves, Will Raynard talks to Zamaran saying that he told her that on purpose so she will still look for the Everlight. Zamaran eventually reveals the reason why he came to Legacy was to take Norma back to the Mainland so she would not suffer a accident like him or Sven. After telling the party that Norma went to the Crystal Forest, Zamaran decides to stay in Werites Beacon and wait for their return. After Norma finally finds the Everlight, and she brings Zamaran to the Crystal Forest to show him of its existence. At the end of the Character Quest, Norma uses the Everlight's power to have Zamaran's sight healed. After these events, he decides to stay in the Werites Beacon inn for a little while longer, and ironically, Norma must cover his expenses.

Zamaran appears at the end of Grune's Character Quest during the final confrontation when Schwartz sends clones of her self to attack him. During this scene, he is in the Werites Beacon graveyard, visiting Sven's grave. When the party tries to use their super sacred eres to stop Schwartz, Zamaran gets sacred eres and defeats the Schwartz clones. After defeating Schwartz, Zamaran looks at the sky telling Norma she has to come back and live.