Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Hometown Sulz
Race Mufmuf
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuko Sumitomo
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Zapie (ザピィ Zapyi?) is Claire Bennett's pet in Tales of Rebirth.


Sad Beginnings

Zapie is first shown at the beginning of the story in Sulz's assembly hall with Veigue Lungberg, who depressingly guards the monument of ice that imprisons Claire. Although Zapie is startled when Mao and Eugene Gallardo approach Veigue, he is overjoyed when Mao uses his Force of Fire to release Claire from her icy prison. Zapie joins the group in returning to Claire's house, where a brief reunion takes place. When the reunion is cut short due to Saleh and Tohma's recruitment of all the Huma girls in the village, including Claire, Zapie reluctantly consoles Claire's parents when Claire tells him to do so. After this event, Zapie joins Veigue on his journey with Mao and Eugene in order to rescue Claire.

The Journey

Portrait artwork for Tales of Rebirth.

Although Zapie remains largely unseen throughout most of the story, he always accompanies the protagonists in their quest and sometimes provides help of his own. In Balka, Zapie is able to sense Claire's presence within Calegia Castle. After the events at the castle, when Veigue returns home with "Claire", Zapie is the first to notice that Claire is not herself. Zapie's unusual behavior toward "Claire" concerns Veigue, as Claire has always been the one to whom Zapie is most attached. When Veigue and Annie begin recruiting members of the group in order to rectify the dilemma with Eugene, Zapie is overjoyed with each reunion, even being able to sense Hilda Rhambling's presence in the village of Razilda. In Kyogen, Zapie senses Claire's presence within Wan Gin's mansion despite her being in Agarte Lindblum's body. He visits her in the locked room she occupies and manages to deliver a letter she writes to Veigue.



  • Commonly known as Mufmufs (マフマフ Mafumafu?), the scientific name of Zapie's species is Norstalia kenagris, creatures who inhabit wooded areas in cold regions. Sulz and Nolzen are the only two locations where Mufmufs are seen. While Zapie is the only Mufmuf shown in the Sulz region, several Mufmufs appear in the city of Nolzen, though their coats are purple rather than orange.
  • In Tales of Xillia, a spyrite takes a form identical to that of Zapie.