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The Enduring Shrine of Zaude (ザウデ不落宮 Zaude Furakukyuu?) is an ancient, previously-underwater infrastructure located at the center of Terca Lumireis in Tales of Vesperia.


Zaude sits at the center of the world and remained hidden underwater for around 1,000 years prior to the events of the story, having been only recently revealed due to Alexei Dinoia's influence. Surrounding the large shrine is a ring of sea rocks that opens in one area, allowing access into the shrine. Inside, Zaude is a blue and gray, palace-like building suitable for underwater sustainability. Elaborated with majestic, open rooms, supported by numerous pillars and abundant staircases, the shrine's inner capabilities remain maintained. However, due to having been underwater for so long, the shrine is under the presence of many aquatic sea creatures.


Zaude was originally created by the Krityans during the Geraios Civilization in an attempt to prevent the Adephagos from consuming the world, and in order for it to work properly, the "Children of the Full Moon" were used as ritual sacrifices. Alexei, Commandant of the Imperial Knights, raises Zaude from beneath the ocean while holding Estelle in Zaphias. After rescuing Estelle, Brave Vesperia journeys to Zaude in an attempt to stop Alexei.

After the group arrives at Zaude, Alexei attacks them using the giant blastia atop the large infrastructure. However, Phaeroh arrives and draws Alexei's attention away from the group so that they can arrive safely at the shrine. Upon landing there, the group notices that the entrance is heavily guarded by Alexei's soldiers, so they decide to take an alternate entrance to get inside. After venturing deeper into the shrine, the group arrives in a chamber where they confront Yeager, who challenges them to a fight, claiming that, despite helping them in the past, things were meant to end this way between them. After a long fight, during which Yeager reveals that he, like Raven, has a blastia heart, Yuri Lowell and the others defeat him.

Afterward, Yeager, now dying, praises their strength. Estelle then asks Yeager why he fought them alone, to which he refuses to answer and bids farewell. When the group turns around, they discover that Gauche and Droite, who flee after being seen, had watched the entire battle but did nothing to help Yeager. With Yeager out of the way, Yuri and the others continue forward. The group finally arrives in the central chamber, where Alexei is conducting the formula for Zaude's blastia. At the same time, Flynn Scifo and his brigade arrive and try to reason with Alexei for his actions, but to no avail. Yuri and the group engage Alexei in battle on a platform rising to the top of Zaude's ring-shaped tower, and after a long fight, Alexei is defeated. Afterward, he reveals that he secretly finished the formula during the course of the fight.

Now at full power, Alexei activates the blastia, which fires a beam at the mechanism orbiting Terca Lumireis. The mechanism deactivates the barrier around the entire planet, causing the Adephagos to penetrate its atmosphere. To Alexei's surprise, Zaude is not a weapon, but a barrier blastia he deactivated. Realizing the error of his actions, he commits suicide by allowing the core of the blastia to crush him, leaving the group to clean up after his mess. While Yuri watches the Adephagos appear, Sodia rushes in front of him and stabs him, causing him to stumble and fall into the ocean below. It is later revealed that Duke Pantarei saves Yuri, but only to retrieve Dein Nomos from him so that he can proceed with his plan to destroy the Adephagos using Tarqaron.