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Game Tales of Zestiria
Tales of Berseria
Age •600 (ToB)
•1600~ (ToZ)
Height 6'1" / 187 cm
Race Seraph/Malak
Occupation Sub Lord
Weapon Pendulum
Japanese Voice Actor Kenjirou Tsuda
English Voice Actor Ian Sinclair[1]
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Zaveid (ザビーダ Zabiida?) is a Wind seraph in Tales of Zestiria and a major character in Tales of Berseria. He is continuously journeying in search of hellions to hunt. An elusive man in both words and conduct, he is known to make wise cracks and hit on women. Nonetheless, he can turn deadly when serious and maintains his guard in dire situations. His true name is Fylk Zahdeya (フィルクー=ザデヤ Firukuu Zadeya?), meaning "Zaveid the Oathkeeper".

Appearance and Personality

Zaveid has long white hair that changes to green at the tips, orange eyes, and a tanned complexion. He has a muscular build and does not wear a shirt, revealing white tattoos across his arms and torso, as well as an necklace made of beads, silver rings, and what appears to be strips of leather. He wears black pants decorated with simple stripes similar to his tattoos and two silver gun holsters on his belt. After Dezel's passing, Zaveid takes up his hat to commemorate him.

Personality-wise, Zaveid is quite the skirt-chaser, as he attempts to have Sorey help him peek on women in the sauna. Likewise, when Lailah tells him his palm reading and predicts he will be having trouble with women, he states he does not mind if it is trouble with her. He considers himself to be a romantic and tries to give advice to Sorey, much to his chagrin since Sorey does not usually pick up on the advice because of his innocent nature. Zaveid also flirts with the female party members in skits, victory animations, or when using his healing artes at them. When fighting against female demon hellions in the last stage of the game, Zaveid describes those hellions in a passionate way.

As one of the oldest party members beside Lailah, Zaveid also shows a brotherly side to the younger members, particularly Edna and Mikleo, whom he enjoys teasing. Upon the initial meeting with Sorey, Zaveid is deadly and never backs down in a fight unless he has fulfilled his intention of fighting Sorey in the first place. He can be unpredictable and Edna warns that they should not let their guard down when dealing with him. When Zaveid ultimately joins Sorey's group, one skit reveals that he wants to fit in by asking their weaknesses, and another shows him worrying of what everyone thinks of him or if there are any resentments because of their not-so-pleasant meeting. However, Lailah assures him that he is welcomed and valued.

In Tales of Berseria, Zaveid's hair is shorter and tied into a small ponytail. Personality-wise, he is not very different from the present, but he avoids killing others, calling himself "someone who simply likes to fight". He plays an important role in Eizen's backstory and his quest for the captain Van Aifread. Despite working separately and against the protagonists a number of times, he also offers his assistance when his mission falls in line with that of the group's.

Fighting Style

Zaveid shares his battle style with Dezel, using pendulums to perform martial artes that are effective in close and mid-range combat. As a seraph of Wind, he focuses on Wind-elemental seraphic artes that are often mixed with other elements and his healing seraphic artes are oriented toward the "Focus" stat and movement speed. Zaveid often uses his gun Siegfried to shoot enhanced bullets at his head before fighting Sorey and his group, an action that increases his durability and strength for a limited time. His mystic arte, Outlaw Barrage, is a series of strikes from his pendulum.



  • In Tales of Berseria, Zaveid stops Velvet Crowe and the rest of the group from killing one of the three wyverns in Lothringen. Because of his interference, the wyvern, originally a malak that had been turned into a wyvern by Melchior Mayvin, escaped. Many years later, during the events of Tales of Zestiria, the protagonists encounter a "Legendary Wyvern" in the Plitzerback Wetland. After defeating this boss, a cutscene will ensue, where Zaveid tells Sorey and everyone else that this is where his journey with his old companions began and how the wyvern was an "old acquaintance", referencing to the events that took place in Tales of Berseria.
  • Tales of Berseria gives insight about how Zaveid lost his coat on Normin Island. When talking to a normin on the island, he reveals that Zaveid had saved a malak child, and had given the child his coat to wear to protect him against the cold.


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