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Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Hometown Elysia
Height 120 cm
Race Seraph
Japanese Voice Actor •Ichirou Nagai (ToZ)
•Kenichi Ogata (ToZtX)
English Voice Actor Garrett Schenck (ToZtX)

Zenrus (ゼンライ Zenrai?, "Zenrai"), known to Sorey and Mikleo as Gramps (ジイジ Jiiji?), is a character in Tales of Zestiria. A powerful seraph whose blessing allows Elysia to exist in an idyllic state, he acts as a parental figure to both Sorey and Mikleo.


Zenrus is an extremely strong seraph whose domain cloaks all of Elysia. With it, its inhabitants exist in peace despite the turmoil of the world below. Zenrus raises Sorey and Mikleo as a stern but loving parental figure. He protects them when he can, but he also allows them to live and grow. He knows his time with Sorey is limited, as a single human is ephemeral to seraphim and Elysia is too small to contain Sorey's boundless curiosity, but he nonetheless loves his charges with all his heart. At one point in the past, he was also worshiped as a thunder god, while he also has connections to the Katz and the Katz Korner as a valued patron.

When a human named Alisha Diphda enters his domain, Zenrus allows Sorey to meet with her. Though he wants her gone as soon as possible, he lets Sorey help her prep for the journey, knowing it would stoke his curiosity. After a hellion invades with the intent of killing Alisha, he is also prepared for Sorey to finally leave, offering his pipe as a way to provide funds for his trip. Doing this imparts on Sorey Zenrus's love and acceptance of his path. With this, Zenrus waits in Elysia. When the party visits after gathering a large amount of allies, he has a cryptic and personal conversation with Lailah, reminiscing on the past as well as discussing the shape the present and future are taking.

This conversation takes on a new meaning when the party gathers all of the iris gems that depict the past. In in, they watch as the previous Shepherd Michael falls into madness after to the destruction of Camlann due to Georg Heldalf's actions, cursing him into becoming the Lord of Calamity by using his baby nephew, Mikleo, as a sacrifice. The general situation also taints Maotelus of the Five Lords, the one who is the strongest seraph on the continent. Zenrus arrives in the aftermath and discovers Maotelus's malevolence. He finds Sorey, prematurely born with the death of his mother, and saves him. Muse immediately goes to him with her child, pledging to seal Maotelus within Camlann so his taint does not spread to Elysia. Because of her sacrifice, Zenrus vows to raise Sorey and Mikleo as the Shepherd and his Sub Lord, gambling the future on the hope they represent.

After the party defeats the dragon Tiamat and finds their resolution, they head to Elysia in order to enter Camlann and purify Maotelus by severing his bonds with Heldalf. Unfortunately, they find Zenrus's blessing gone, and the area cloaked in malevolence. The village is broken, with the villagers only protected by Zenrus's barrier. Zenrus himself has gone to confront Heldalf, stalling him to buy time for Sorey. Inside Artorius's Throne, they discover Zenrus's fate: absorbed into Heldalf, his eternally screaming face etched onto his left palm. In theory, they can save him, but doing so would prevent them from saving Maotelus. Rose offers to perform the final blow, but Sorey and Mikleo step in, hearts in turmoil but resolved. Remembering Zenrus's words, Sorey and Mikleo kill Zenrus to release him from Heldalf. His final words are to praise them for their actions.

Appearance and Personality

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Zenrus looks like a small, aged elder with white hair. Extremely short, his height is boosted only by his tall sandals, and he is almost never seen without his pipe. A hint to his thunder-based prowess can be found in his single tuft of yellow, lightning-bolt hair. Zenrus is stern and unyielding, fierce when provoked, but all based on his love for his surrogate children and the people under his protection.


  • Zenrus is briefly mentioned by "Zui Fuu", a winged rappig malak found at the end of The Heavenly Steppes bonus dungeon in Tales of Berseria, which takes place one thousand years before Tales of Zestiria. He is one of those who wish for peaceful coexistence between humans and malakhim and is implied to be one of the original seraphim who descended to earth.

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