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Zephyr (ToA).PNG
Appearance Tales of Arise
Hometown Ulzebek
Race Dahnan
Occupation Leader of the Crimson Crows
Weapon Unyielding Braces
Japanese Voice Actor Jin Yamanoi

Zephyr (ジルファ Jirufa?) is a supporting character from Tales of Arise. He is the leader of the Crimson Crows, a Calaglian resistance organization. He is the group's emotional pillar and a battle-proven warrior capable of holding his own against even Renan armored soldiers.


Zephyr is first seen with the Crimson Crows hijacking a train in Calaglia where they find Shionne Imeris. As the guards start recovering from the attack, Shionne runs off a cliff, onto another cart. Zephyr and Nayth head to where the tracks would lead and spot the two soldiers pursuing Shionne fighting one Iron Mask. The two then join in and help them escape. At one of their safehouses, he interrogates Shionne, only to be interrupted by an attack by the Renans. Zephyr then bears witness to the birth and power of the Blazing Sword. He decides to enlist the aid of Iron Mask and Shionne, bringing them to the Crimson Crows' safehouse at Ulzebek.

After they recuperate, Zephyr proposes the plan to take down Balseph: the Crimson Crows would draw the attention of the enemy's main forces, allowing Iron Mask and Shionne to sneak into Glanmeyde Castle and assassinate him. The plan works, and Calaglia is freed from Renan rule. The news of their success draws a contingent from the Silver Swords to ask for help, though only Rinwell survives the journey. Iron Mask, having remembered his name Alphen, and Shionne decide to go with Rinwell for their own reasons, and Zephyr, while well aware of their shortage of manpower, goes with them into Cyslodia to do what he can to free all of Dahna, leaving the Crimson Crows to stabilize Calaglia in the meantime.

At Messia 224, Zephyr is the subject of a trap, as a member of the Bureau of Civil Observation stationed there is his son, Law. He is unable to fight his son and, even when Law is defeated, finds himself unable to leave him. He is taken to Cysloden where he is scheduled for public execution. Zephyr is given the opportunity to survive should he betray his comrades, but Zephyr refuses. He instead talks of his past and regrets, about losing his wife and alienating his son. He then pleads with the Cyslodian people to learn from him and protect their loved ones. His speech touches Law's heart and Law saves him from the execution. Unfortunately, he is backstabbed by Ganabelt Valkyris, the lord of the region who was masquerading as Meneck, the leader of the Silver Swords. The wound is infected with a poison that is resistant to Shionne's healing artes, and he dies while calling out to Law.

A research on Daeq Faezol develops a reminisince device that is capable of drawing upon the users' memories to enable them to fight battles with previous foes. It eventually goes off the rails after synthesizing their memories into more difficult fights, culminating in a memory of Zephyr that is ambiguous whether they are talking and fighting with an extrapolation of Zephyr or a version of Zephyr himself from beyond his death. After besting him in battle, this Phantom Zephyr (迫憶のジルファ?) has a heartfelt moment with his son, Law, while praising the growth in the others. Law wishes to speak with him again, but Zephyr tells him to save it for when they next meet. He leaves them with a final bit of wisdom: to go forward and never lose heart.

Appearance and Personality

Zephyr is a tall, powerfully-built man who wears the scars of battle all over his body. He is stern but with heart, caring for everyone under his command and acting as both their lodestar and their emotional pillar. He inspires people to not just survive but to live and find the meaning to their continued living. He wants to free not just the Dahna's bodies but also their minds from slavery, encouraging Alphen to examine why he is doing what he is. Zephyr also has an unbreakable will, as even in the face of execution, he still chooses to resist rather than submit.

Fighting Style

As Law's father and former teacher, Zephyr fights using his fists. He heavily arms his dominant right arm to give himself an advantage. After performing three normal attacks, and if at least the last two connect, he performs his own version of Talon Storm. If two of those hits connect, he can extend it to Tusk Cannon. He is also capable of performing Dragon Shot.

Phantom Zephyr has his repetoire expanded with more elemental attacks, as well as a mystic arte, Exquisite Thunder Punch.